The Nose That Didn't Fit (Rue)

The Nose That Didn't Fit (Rue)

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 Rue, the Monster of Insecurity feels that his nose doesn't fit and spends most his time hoping that it would shrink quite a bit. From cover ups to balancing tricks he attempts to find ways to deal with what he feels is a very BIG problem. Follow Rue as he struggles with self acceptance and learns that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.The Nose That Didn't Fit is the second storybook in creator Andi Green's award winning series The WorryWoo Monsters.

 Printed with environmentally friendly Soy Inks

 Hard cover

 Hand illustrated with pen, ink and watercolor

 88 pages

 Dimensions 8.1 X 6.7 X 0.5 inches

 Ages 3+


"The Nose that Didn't Fit" tells the tale of Rue, The Monster of Insecurity. Follow Rue as he learns the importance of accepting who you are. Maybe his nose might "fit" him after all.